Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Android Phone Controlled Lights – Let there be Easybulb!

With the rapid shift towards home automation and improved lighting technology, now android phone controlled lights are an illuminating reality. We now live in an era of not just smartphones, but smart lights! LED light bulbs such as Easybulb provide with hundreds of colors to instantly switch to and can perfectly match your mood and the room’s color. 

After just taking a short breather from being introduced to energy efficient LED bulbs, we are now again updated with  amazing news of Android phone controlled LED lights that harnesses the most sophisticated home automation technology. 

LED lights like Easybulb can be efficiently controlled with not just all type of Android devices, but even iPads, iPods, iPhones. You can effectively alter the way you light up your commercial area or your home with this great innovation that excites our everyday life. Moreover, the app required to take total control of your LED lights is very simple to get. You can just download it for free from the Google Play store to get started. 

Such wireless remote lighting is supremely energy efficient and also provides with extra security, as only authorized Android phones can maintain your lights and take control. So reinventing the light combination at your home or office with matching colors, multiple modes, and dimming options is now a cinch with Android phone controlled lights. 

So whether you own an Android operated tablet or a Smartphone, you can control these intelligent LED light bulbs to set wake up time and plan your day. You can turn the lights off or on or even dim them right from your Android device (as it is impossible sometimes to get off your couch and turn off the bulb, so continue to recline). If you are one person for always setting the right mood in your living environment by dimming or illuminating your LED lights, then phone controlled lights can be your best bet. 

The good news is lights like Easybulb do not contain mercury and is just under 6 watts but providing high luminosity of 100 lumens per watts, making it highly impressive and illuminating. It provides with instant brightness and you can take complete control of these LED bulbs right on your Android device. This wireless remote lighting is equipped with all the best features and unbeatable energy saving technology that lets your Android device communicate with it for customizing colors and more. 

Resource Box: It’s time to say adieu to conventional light bulbs and turn on the Android app for iphone controlled lights.

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