Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Samsung NP300E5A, NP300E5C-A02UK, A04UK, NP300E5E, NP300E7A-A08UK Screen Replacement

The Samsung NP300 series are quite many and have been found to be slim and sleek. This has a small disadvantage as the screens tend to crack or break on every little accidental drop.

In this video you will learn to replace a defective screen on any Samsung NP300E5C, NP300E5C, NP300E5E, NP300E5A laptop notebook. This instruction can be used for a wide range of other Samsung laptops.

The first thing is to find the right replacement screen from the link below

Samsung NP300E5C-A02UK Screen
Samsung NP300E5C-A04UK Screen
Samsung NP300E5C-A0BUK Screen
Samsung NP300E5E-A08UK Screen
Samsung NP300E5A-A04DX Screen
Samsung NP300E5A-A05DX Screen
Samsung NP300E5A-S01UK Screen
Samsung NP300E7A-A05UK Screen
Samsung NP300E7A-A08UK Screen

The most important thing when carrying out the Samsung repair is to first remove the laptop battery.

Next is to remove the bezel, remove the screws on the side and then disconnect the screen cable connector.

So fitting a new screen into the Samsung NP300 series is quite straightforward and easy. The video below will guide you fully. Good luck.

Acer Aspire V3-551, V3-551G, V3-571, V3-571G, V3-771, V3-771G, V3-772, V3-772G Screen Replacement

This instruction will show you how to replace a cracked, broken or blank screen on a Acer Aspire V3-551, V3-551G, V3-571, V3-571G, V3-771, V3-771G, V3-772 or V3-772G laptop notebook.

Before starting this repair it is best to first acquire the right screen you need from the links below

Acer Aspire V3-551 Screen
Acer Aspire V3-551G Screen
Acer Aspire V3-571 Screen
Acer Aspire V3-571G Screen
Acer Aspire V3-771 Screen
Acer Aspire V3-771G Screen
Acer Aspire V3-772 Screen
Acer Aspire V3-772G Screen

The Aspire V3 series replacement technique is quite straight forward and matches with ones of other Acer laptops. The screens come in sizes 15.6 inch LED or 17.3 display depending one the model you have.

First thing to remember is to remove the battery from the laptop before starting the job. The instruction at the link here should help you to remove the old screen and fit a new one as they are very similar laptops.

Acer Aspire V5-571, V5-531, V5-571G, V5-572, V5-572G, V5-431, V5-121, V5-171 Screen Replacement

The new Acer V5 series are very sleek and includes a lot of variety notebooks with and without touch screen technology. The series include Acer Aspire V5-571, V5-531, V5-571G, V5-572, V5-572G, V5-431, V5-121, V5-171, V5-471 as the non touch types while Acer Aspire V5-571P, V5-531P, V5-572P, V5-572P, V5-431P, V5-121P, V5-171P are the touch screen ones.

The screens for the Acer Aspire V5 series are fully slimline hence giving the laptop a very slim and flat look. The screens for the mentioned series range between 11.6, 14.0, 15.6 and 17.3 inches depending on the model.

Replacing the screen on any of the V5 series can be quite easy and straightforward as the laptop bezel does not come with any screws of any kind but rather held together by internal plastic clips.

Before carrying out the repair of any Aspire V5 screen it is best to first find the right screen for them. Below are links to the screens you will need for the repair.

Acer Aspire V5-572 Screen
Acer Aspire V5-572G Screen
Acer Aspire V5-121 Screen
Acer Aspire V5-471 Screen

After getting the screen simply follow one of the replacement instruction on this site to replace the screen.

The most popular screen among the Aspire V5 series is the Acer Aspire V5-571 notebook.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

HP Probook 4520, 4520s, 4525s, 4530, 4530s, 4535s, 4540s, 4545s Screen Replacment

HP Probook laptops are perfectly designed to be used carry our daily business and individual computing jobs. Online you will find a lot of good reviews about the HP probook laptops and notebooks but this does not stop them cracking if accidentally dropped or lid closed with an object mistakenly left on the keyboard area.

In this tutorial you will learn to remove and replace a damaged or blank LCD screen from HP Probook 4520, 4520s, 4525s, 4530, 4530s, 4535s, 4540s, 4545s laptops.

HP Probook 4520 Screen
HP Probook 4520s Screen
HP Probook 4525s Screen
HP Probook 4530 Screen
HP Probook 4530s Screen
HP Probook 4535s Screen
HP Probook 4540s Screen
HP Probook 4545 Screen

It is quite straight forward for some people to do this quite easily but for some it can be a very hard task. For those people who find it hard should get help from qualified computer technicians.

1. First thing is to remove the HP battery from the laptop to avoid further damage during screen replacement.

2. Remove the bezel by following the picture instructions here

3. By removing the bezel will expose the screen panel.

4. Remove the side screws holding the monitor to the laptop

5. Place the screen flat on the keyboard and remove the cable at the back of the screen

The screen should now be free from the laptop and a new one should be installed by doing the above in reverse.

This instruction can be easily used to replace many other laptops including Acer, Sony Vaio, Compaq, Dell, Packard Bell and many others.

If after looking at this instruction you feel uncomfortable carrying out the repair, it is best to get a professional screen repair service.
HP Probook 4520, 4520s, 4525s, 4530, 4530s, 4535s, 4540s, 4545s laptops should be handled with care during the repair work.

Below are analytic instruction on how to successfully replace the defective screen on the HP Probook laptop.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Unveiling The New Sony Vaio SVE Series Laptop Replacement Screens

The newly released Sony Vaio SVE laptops offers decent overall performance. They have been made to take Full HD screens and Blu-ray players depending on the model and type.

The screen display panel for the SVE, also known as the E series comes in different sizes and resolution and they are also very much upgradeable. The SVE series come in 3 types of screen sizes, 11.6 inch, 15.5 inch which is officially recognised as 15.6 inch and then a 17.3 inch.

Breaking any of the SVE series screens will not end the life of the laptop as replacement screens for them are very much available. The instructions on how to replace the screens are also available and this makes the Sony Vaio SVE series durable in terms of it being repairable.

Below are some of the SVE series that are very popular in todays market

Sony Vaio SVE151D11M Screen - Comes in 15.5 Slimline LED screen with part number LP156WH3, B156XW03 and others


To get the screens for the Sony Vaio head to the page
Instructions on how to replace them can also be found online.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

A cracked laptop screen doesn't have to mean a new computer

Laptops are far more likely to get damaged than a desktop is. When you think about it, this is a natural hazard associated with the fact that laptops are often moved around many times in a single day, and even when kept in the home will often be moved from room to room all the time.
At first, we tend to be extremely careful when moving our laptops, but over time, we take for granted just how safe they are when perched on the edge of a table or left stranded under the bed covers, and it is often only a matter of time before an accident causes certain amounts of damage to a laptop.
The most likely outcome of an accident involving a laptop is a broken or cracked screen and a ridiculously high number of computers have been thrown out over the course of the past few years simply due to the fact that they had a broken screen.
However, replacing a laptop screen is both very cheap and very easy to do and you might even find that you are able to carry out such a task yourself from the comfort of your own home just by ordering a replacement screen. For those who are less confident about their DIY skills, there are also plenty of companies who will fit a replacement laptop screen for you, in many cases for less than the cost of the petrol one might spend travelling to buy a new computer.
Whilst a cracked screen may completely impair one’s ability to enjoy watching media on their laptops and make the act of browsing the web and doing work very frustrating indeed, before you decide it is time to replace your computer, it may well be worth considering just how cheap and easy it could be to get your current computer looking and performing like it were new.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Android Phone Controlled Lights – Let there be Easybulb!

With the rapid shift towards home automation and improved lighting technology, now android phone controlled lights are an illuminating reality. We now live in an era of not just smartphones, but smart lights! LED light bulbs such as Easybulb provide with hundreds of colors to instantly switch to and can perfectly match your mood and the room’s color. 

After just taking a short breather from being introduced to energy efficient LED bulbs, we are now again updated with  amazing news of Android phone controlled LED lights that harnesses the most sophisticated home automation technology. 

LED lights like Easybulb can be efficiently controlled with not just all type of Android devices, but even iPads, iPods, iPhones. You can effectively alter the way you light up your commercial area or your home with this great innovation that excites our everyday life. Moreover, the app required to take total control of your LED lights is very simple to get. You can just download it for free from the Google Play store to get started. 

Such wireless remote lighting is supremely energy efficient and also provides with extra security, as only authorized Android phones can maintain your lights and take control. So reinventing the light combination at your home or office with matching colors, multiple modes, and dimming options is now a cinch with Android phone controlled lights. 

So whether you own an Android operated tablet or a Smartphone, you can control these intelligent LED light bulbs to set wake up time and plan your day. You can turn the lights off or on or even dim them right from your Android device (as it is impossible sometimes to get off your couch and turn off the bulb, so continue to recline). If you are one person for always setting the right mood in your living environment by dimming or illuminating your LED lights, then phone controlled lights can be your best bet. 

The good news is lights like Easybulb do not contain mercury and is just under 6 watts but providing high luminosity of 100 lumens per watts, making it highly impressive and illuminating. It provides with instant brightness and you can take complete control of these LED bulbs right on your Android device. This wireless remote lighting is equipped with all the best features and unbeatable energy saving technology that lets your Android device communicate with it for customizing colors and more. 

Resource Box: It’s time to say adieu to conventional light bulbs and turn on the Android app for iphone controlled lights.