Wednesday, 4 July 2012

B156XW02 V.0 V.2 V.6 H/W:4A F/W:1 LED Laptop Replacement Screen

The B156XW02 V.2 LED laptop screen made by AU Optronics is one of the most commonly used replacement monitor in laptop brands like Dell, Acer, Hp, Toshiba, Samsung, Packard Bell, Asus, Medion and others. AUO B156XW02 V2 H/W:4A F/W:1 is screen size 15.6 inch, aspect ratio of 16:9, backlight of LED meaning the screen is not inverter powered as the brightness comes from light emmitting diodes in the LCD screen.

Below is the link to the B156XW02 series

B156XW02 V.0
B156XW02 V.2
B156XW02 V.6

The B156XW02 V.2 H/W:4A F/W:1 is a standard screen and can be used to replace other 15.6 inch LED screens including the ones below;

Samsung MakeS: LTN156AT02, LTN156AT03, LTN156AT05, LTN156AT09
LG Philips Makes: LP156WH2, LP156WH4
INNOLUX Make: BT156GW01 V.4, V.3, V.2 and V.1
cHI mei Makes: N156B6-L0A, N156B6-L0B, N156B6-L03, N156B6-L04, N156B6-L06
and others.

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The AUO B156XW02 V.2 H/W:4A F/W:1 screen panel has only one connector which is located at the back of the panel. This connector is gold in colour and always know as the bottom left connector screen type.

B156XW02 V.2 Connector

Have you just cracked the laptop screen of your Dell, Acer, Hp, Toshiba, Samsung, Packard Bell, Asus pr Medion laptop and found this number at the back after dismantling your laptop? Note that other screen makes can be used to replace it

B156XW02 V.2 Part Number


  1. Hi, I'd like to add. It's hard to recommend this product to anyone, because taking apart a laptop and putting it back together is not for the faint of heart. However, for those that possess the skill set required to replace a screen, you will find this a great deal. This is the cheapest of this type of screen on amazon and it arrived quickly to my northeastern US home. For a product you only buy when you have to, what more could you want/need?
    Good day-

  2. What is the difference between H/W:0B F/W:1 and H/W:4A or 2A???

  3. I am replacing my screen in my hp it had a B173RW01 V.3 H/W:5A F/W:1 and I found it for $90 and a B173RW01 V.3 H/W:6A for $60 but I don't know the difference I don't wanna mess up help please? :) whats the difference in screens?