Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Advent Modena M100, M101, M200, M201, M202 Laptop Screen Replacement

In this tutorial you will learn how to disassemble and replace a cracked/broken LCD screen on Advent Modena M100, M101, M200, M201, M202 BLUE OR RED Laptop Notebooks. The Advent Modena M100, M101, M200, M201, M202 Laptops come with 15.6 inch LED widescreens display monitor panel. In this instruction I am using screens from Laptop Screen Online. Use this instruction if the screen is flickering, dark or have coloured lines.

Advent Modena Laptop With Broken Screen

The links below will take you to the right screens

Advent Modena M100 Laptop Screen
Advent Modena M101 Laptop Screen
Advent Modena M200 Laptop Screen
Advent Modena M201 Laptop Screen 
Advent Modena M202 Laptop Screen
Advent Modena M201 Blue Laptop Screen
Advent Modena M201 Red Laptop Screen

Remove Advent Modena Battery

Remove the Advent modena battery from the laptop before starting the replacement. Because the screen we are replacing is LED Removing the battery is essential to avoid the laptop backlight or any other part to malfunction after the replacement.

With a flat screwdriver remove the plastic/rubber screw covers on the screen bezel. Underneath them you will find screws.

The Advent modena series screen replacement technique is totally different from any other regular laptop as the replacement starts from the back of the laptop.

Close the laptop and as in the image on the left slide-pull the laptop screen back-cover towards yourself until it detaches from the laptop.

The back cover is held together by the clips in the inside part of the back cover so the tip is to slide it towards you to remove and slide into it to reattach it.

The Advent Modena M100, M101, M200, M201, M202 Laptop back cover is held together by the clips in the inside part of the back cover. This is the same way you have to reattach the back cover after installing a new screen.

Peel away the two black polythene strip on the top and lower parts of the back of the screen. This must be done in with care as the plastic strip has the laptop camera and its cables attached to it.

On the right side of the screen you will find the wifi reception wire. With the help of the image on the right remove this cable and be careful not to break it by mistake.

Disconnect Screen Cable


Unscrew Side-screws

Next is to unscrew the side screws from the hinges arms and keep them safely.

Advent Modena Screen Removal Completed

It is now safe to remove the screen totally. The screen removal is complete. Install a new screen by following the guide backwards.

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