Thursday, 21 June 2012

Samsung RV510, RV511, S3510, S3511, SF510, SF511 Laptop Screen Replacement

In the video tutorial below you will learn how to dismantle and replace a broken screen on Samsung NP-RV510, RV511, S3510, S3511, SF510, SF511 laptop notebooks. I will start by explaining the type of screens in the mentioned laptops. The Samsung RV510, RV511, S3510, S3511 come with regular 15.6 inch LED backlight screens with resolution of 1366 x 768 while the other two Samsung SF510 and SF511 come with the same type of screens but the slimline type.

It is important to make sure that you have the right replacement screens before starting the repair. Below are the links to the right screens;

Samsung RV510 Laptop Screen 
Samsung RV511 Laptop Screen
Samsung S3510 Laptop Screen
Samsung S3511 Laptop Screen
Samsung SF510 Laptop Screen
Samsung SF511 Laptop Screen

I will analyze the process of replacing the screen here to guide through the embedded video. This replacement instruction can be used if you dropped the laptop and cracked the screen or if the screen has gone dark or have defective lines on it. In some cases the laptop screen could be flickering. This instruction will guide you.

Step 1. Remove the laptop battery before starting the repair.

Step 2. On the four corners of the screen there are plastic covers. Remove the covers to expose the screws and unscrew these screws.

Step 3. Remove screen plastic bezel carefully. Try not to pull to strongly to avoid snapping the bezel.

Step 4. Unscrew the side screws holding the LCD display panel to the hinges arms.

Step 5. Place the screen face-down and remove the screen display cable.

Doing the above will successfully remove the screen from the laptop and by carrying out the process in reverse you will be able to install a new working screen.

The screen part number Samsung RV510, RV511, S3510, S3511 laptop are LTN156AT05, B156XW02, N156B6-L06 and BT156GW01. While the one for the SF510 and SF511 are LTN156AT19.

The Samsung laptops can come with hyphenated numbers but these do not differentiate the laptop type or the screen inside it. Below are examples.

Samsung NP-RV510-A09UK

And others.

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