Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sony Vaio PCG 71911M, 71C11M, VPCEH, VPCEH1L8E, VPCEH1S0E Laptop Screen Replacement

In this blog tutorial I will show you how to dismantle and replace cracked or flickering screen on Sony Vaio PCG 71911M, 71C11M, VPCEH, VPCEH1L8E, VPCEH1S0E Laptop series. The Sony Vaio PCG 71911M, 71C11M, VPCEH, VPCEH1L8E, VPCEH1SOE Laptop series come solely with 15.5 HD LED LCD XBLACK widescreens with resolution of 1366 x 768.

Broken Sony Vaio VPCEH Laptop Screen

Before starting the repair make sure you get the right screen from the links below;

Usually to replace a laptop screen tools that are needed are precision screwdrivers and the LCD screen only.
This instruction should be followed carefully and can be used if the display monitor is cracked, dark, black or with coloured lines on it.

Always remove the laptop battery and only use it if you have to test the screen during the replacement.

Screen Cover Removal

On the four corners of the laptop you will find plastic covers. Remove them and this will reveal the screws holding the screen area of the laptop together.

Pull The Screen To Release Bezel

Place your fingers between the Sony Vaio screen and the bezel and start pulling slightly on all the sides until the bezel is pulled free from the laptop. This needs to be done carefully as shown in the images below.

Sony Vaio  bezels are very fragile and can easily snap so do this with care. You must not pull too hard.

Using the image below as a guide pull the screen forward slightly and remove all the side screws. Keep the screen aside as they are totally different from the rest of the screws in this repair.

Sony Vaio Side Screws

Placed face-down on the keyboard area to expose the back of the screen which consists of the screen display cable, connectors and screen part number. The part number for the Sony Vaio PCG 71911M, 71C11M, VPCEH, VPCEH1L8E, VPCEH1S0E Laptop notebook will have part number as below;

B156XW02 made by AU Optronics
LP156WH4, LP156WH2 made by LG Philips
LTN156AT02, LTN156AT05, LTN156AT09 or LTN156AT16 made by Samsung
N156B6-L06 made by Chi Mei or N156BGE-L21 made by Chimei Innolux

All the above screens are compatible.

Back of Sony Vaio PCG-71911M Screen

Carefully remove the yellow or clear tape, pull up the clear tape and carry out the data disconnection as below. 
This must be done with care as any mistake may cause a permanent damage to the cable or the connector.

Remove Clear Tape

Pulling apart Sony Display Cable Connection

The screen removal process is complete. To replace the screen you now need to carry out the 
instruction in a reverse order. 

Screen Removal is Complete

Only buy original laptop screens as regular screens may not give you same quality and screen brightness control.

Sony Vaio Screen Removal

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