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Samsung N110, N120, N130, N140, N150, N210, N220, N230, NP N310 Screen Replacement

Replacing the Samsung N110, N120, N130, N140, N150, N210, N220, N230, N310 laptop netbook screen yourself can save you a lot of money. The instruction outlined in this blog will show you how to dismantle, remove the screen and replace it with a new one.

The laptops come with 10.1 inch LED display when measured diagonally. The resolution are 1024 x 600 WSVGA.

Samsung N130 Nebook with cracked screen
TO START GET THE RIGHT SCREEN YOU NEED FIRST. Choose from the links below;

Samsung N110 Laptop Screen
Samsung N120 Laptop Screen
Samsung N130 Laptop Screen
Samsung N140 Laptop Screen
Samsung N145 Laptop Screen
Samsung N150 Laptop Screen
Samsung N210 Laptop Screen
Samsung N220 Laptop Screen
Samsung N230 Laptop Screen
Samsung N310 Laptop Screen

Use this instruction if the below has occurred

a. You dropped the netbook and cracked the screen
b. The netbook has coloured lines running vertically
c. The screen has gone dark with no backlight

Samsung N220 Battery

Always remove the battery of a laptop before starting any work on it.

One the four corners of the screen there are 4 plastic covers as sown in the image on the right. Remove the covers with a flat object.

Underneath these covers are the screws. Use a Precision screwdriver to remove them.

The next thing is to remove the plastic bezel. Place your finger between the screen and the bezel and pull on all sides until it comes off.

With the image on the left find all the screw holding the screen to the back cover and unscrew them carefully.

Disconnect the camera cable.

By placing the screen face-down gently you will be able to see the back of the panel and cable connections.

Remove the clear tape holding down the connection and pull it apart.

Sometime you will find hyphenated letters at the bottom label of the netbook. For example KA01UK, KA02UK, KA03UK, KA04UK, KA05UK etc. The numbers do not affect the screen type in the laptop as they all come with the same type or LCD. The Samsung NP series netbook usually comes with screen part numbers LTN101NT02 (Samsung Make), LTN101NT06 (Samsung Make), LP101WSA (LG Philips Make), N101L6-L02 (Made by Chi Mei), N101L6-L01 Rev C1 and C2, or B101AW03 (AU Optronics Make).

Remove all side screws.

The screen removal process is complete. Simply continue in reverse with a new screen to complete the installation.

Screen Removal Complete

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