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HP Compaq Presario CQ56, CQ62, G56, G62 Laptop Screen Replacement

The HP G56 and G62 laptop screens are 15.6 inch in size when measured diagonally and come fully with LED back-lighting. In this blog tutorial you will learn how to disassemble the Hp G56 or G62, remove the screen and replace it with a working one. This guide can be used if the screen is cracked, black or with lines on it.

HP G56-130SA Laptop Screen
For specific screen types check the screens at the links below;

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HP G62 Laptop Screen
Compaq Presario CQ56 Laptop Screen
Compaq Presario CQ62 Laptop Screen
HP G56-130SA Laptop Screen
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HP G56-106SA Laptop Screen
HP G56-107SA Laptop Screen
HP G56-108SA Laptop Screen

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Remove The Hp G56 Battery

remove the HP laptop battery before starting the replacement. It is important to do this to avoid further damage of the laptop.

Hp G62 Screen Bezel

We will carry out this repair and replacement without having to remove the front bezel totally. This is the faster way to do this but it must be carried out carefully.

Place your fingers between the screen and the bezel and start pulling. Use the image on the left as a guide.

Inside the screen panel area you will find two screw on the to sides. Remove the two screws. You will need a precision screwdriver for this process.

Pull the screen and bezel slightly forward and start removing the side screws. Note that if you pull too hard the bezel may snap.

In the image on the right you will find how you can use an object to keep the screen bent slightly. Doing this will give you enough room to remove the screw on the lower side of the screen. This must be done carefully.

In the middle of the laptop at the hinges area you will find the screen cable. The trick is to free this cables so that they do not snap during the removal of the screen. The cable will be held in the plastic holder of the laptop in the hinges area. REMEMBER TO PUT THE CABLE BACK IN PLACE WHEN INSTALLING A NEW SCREEN.

Next is to take the screen out through the side of the laptop. REMEMBER TO HAVE A DROPPING. This means that the laptop should be place at the edge of the table while removing the screen. ALSO REMEMBER THAT THE CABLE IS STILL ATTACHED so do this carefully.

The next job will be to remove the screen display cable. Place the screen on the table and at this time you will be able to see the screen part number. The one in the image is made by Samsung and with part number LTN156AT09. There are other makes that can be used as a replacement including LP156WH2 made by LG, B156XW02 V.2 made by AUO, BT156GW01 V.4 made by INNOLUX or N156B6-L06 made by Chi Mei.

The connection is held down with a clear tape. Pull the clear tape upwards as shown in the image on the left.

Disconnect the cable from the screen.

After all this you would have successfully removed the broken screen from the HP laptop. To install a new one simply carry out the process in reverse.

HP G56 Screen Removal

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