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Acer Aspire One D255 D255e Laptop Netbook Screen Replacement

Have you dropped and cracked your Acer Aspire One D255 or D255e netbook display? This replacement instruction should be used as a guide in dismantling and replacing the defective or black screen. The Acer Aspire One D255 screen is a slimline 10.1 inch LED LCD screen with resolution of 1366 x 768 and an aspect ratio of 16:9 with part numbers B101AW06 V.1 or V.0.

Acer Aspire One D255 Broken Screen

Acer Aspire One Screen Model
Before starting the repair it is best to acquire the right LCD. The list below are links to the most popular D255 and D255e Acer Aspire One netbooks;

Acer Aspire One D255 Laptop Screen
Acer Aspire One D255e Laptop Screen
Acer Aspire One PAV70 Laptop Screen
Acer Aspire One D255-2DQkk Laptop Screen

Acer Aspire One D255E-13DQkk Screen
Acer Aspire One D255-2DQrr Screen

Use the image on the right to find the right replacement screen you need. Note that all the D255 and D255e Acer Aspire come with the same screens.

Use a flat screwdriver to Remove Screw Cover

At the lower front of the screen  bezel you will find the screw covers made of plastic or rubber. Use a flat screwdriver to remove them.

Unscrew the bezel Screw

This will expose the screws holding the bezel to the netbook. Use a star/Phillips screwdriver to unscrew them.

Remove Screen Bezel

Use the image on the right to guide in pulling the bezel away from the screen. The bezel is quite thin and could snap in places if this is not carefully done.

Remove screen internal screws

The laptop screen inside the netbook can now be seen. On the two sides you will find the screws holding the screen to the back cover. Unscrew them carefully.

Place the B101AW06 face-down

The next thing is to then place the screen panel face-down as shown in the picture on the right

It is now time to disconnect the screen cable. The connection is gold or brass in colour and held down firmly by a clear tape. Use a flat object to raise the tape.

Pull the connections apart to remove the cable. As shown in the picture, hold the cable and pull backwards.

You would have now successfully removed the netbook screen. The replacement Instruction can be used also if the screen has defective coloured lines.

Acer Aspire One LCD Removed

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