Friday, 25 November 2011

Toshiba Satellite C660, C660D, C670, L670 Screens and Replacement

Shown below is a full instruction on how to replace a broken, cracked or flickering LED LCD screen on series of Toshiba Satellite and Satellite Pro C650, C660, C660D, C670, L670 and others.

Among all of the mentioned Toshiba laptops, the Satellite C660 is the most used and has appeared to be quite a machines for its price. The Toshiba Satellite C660 screen is size 15.6 inch LED backlight TFT screen display with resolution of 1366 x 768. Others like the C670 and the L670 come with 17.3 inches screens.

Toshiba Satellite C660 Screen

Before attempting to replace the damaged screen of the laptop it is best to acquire the right replacement screen.

Below are links to the right screens for your laptops
Toshiba Satellite C650 laptop screen
Toshiba Satellite C660 laptop screen
Toshiba Satellite C660D laptop screen
Toshiba Satellite L670 laptop screen

Remove Toshiba C660 Battery

Remove the battery from the Toshiba laptop before starting the screen replacement. This must be done to avoid extra damages to some other components during the repair.

Remove Screw Covers

On the front of the laptop you will find the screen covers made of plastic. Remove them to expose the screws holding the bezel. Remove the screws and keep them safe.

Remove Bezel Screws

There are four screws holding the plastic bezel to the laptop. These screws are totally different from the rest of the screws you will find in the repair so they must be kept seperately.

Remove the screen bezel

The next thing will be to remove the plastic bezel. This can easily be done by putting your fingers between the screen and the plastic bit and start pulling until the bezel is released. Carry this out carefully so as not to snap the fragile plastic.

Unscrew The Side Screws

The internal part of the screen area will consist of the LCD screen, cables and screws. Remove the side screws as shown in the picture on  the left.

Back of Laptop Screen

Place the laptop screen face-down and at this point the screen cable and the screen part number will be visible. The screen in the image is made by ChiMei and the manufacturers part number is N156B6-L0B.

The Toshiba C660 can also come with screens made by other manufacturers line Samsung LTN156AT05, AU Optronics B156XW02, LG LP156WH2 and others. The screens are compatible and interchangeable.

Diconnect Display Cable

Remove the display cable from the back of the screen. The cable is usually held with a clear tape. Remove the clear tape before disconnecting the screen display cable.

Toshiba C660 Screen Removed

The screen removal process is complete. To fit a new one simply follow the instruction in reverse.

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